Who Am I?

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, I was always aware of stars and celebrities.  They lived down the street.  You saw them at the grocery store.  You parked next to them at the restaurant.  But I had no jealousy of them.  They were just people on a different path from me.

I am a Southerner...and most of the time I am proud of it.  It effects how I see myself and view the world, but I like to think I have risen above the cliche' of "southern thinking."

I have always, since I learned, written and acted.  I was a shy child unless I was on stage, and sometimes to get there, I had to write a performance piece.

 I have worked in community and professional theatre for over 30 years and at one time, for several years,  was a on-air radio personality for both country and adult contemporary stations.

I live in the Washington, D.C. area and cannot imagine living anywhere else at this time.  I love the history, variety and mix of people, and the gravitas of the area.

I have a blog and a podcast and encourage you to subscribe and review both!